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Machining CentersVertical spindle machining centers


Universal cell line best suited to mass production


Minimum Space

  1. Minimum installation space in the class, ideal for mass production
  2. Machine width: 1,300mm*
  3. Depth: 2,367mm*( except coolant unit and main operation panel)

Easy Operation

  1. Abundant visualization features
  2. Easy operation with a simple screen(Option)

Consistant Production

  1. CUBE-ON structure
  2. High rigidity 3-point support bed
  3. High performance spindle
  4. Center trough
  5. BTS function
  6. Supporting hydraulic fixtures(Option)



Work surface dimensions
mm 600×400
Pallet height(from floor)
mm 800
Max load on pallet
kg 250
Stroke(X, Y, Z)
mm 600×500×400
Rapid feed rate(X, Y, Z)
m/min 48
Cutting feed rate(X, Y, Z)
mm/min 0.001~24
Rapid acceleration(X, Y, Z)
m/s2(G) X,Y=5.88(0.6)、Z=9.8(1)
Spindle speed
min-1 50~10,000
Number of holdings tool ATC
Number of 22
Floor space(width × depth)
mm 1,410×2,2542(except coolant unit)

[ ]Shows optional specifications.