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GrindersCNC cylindrical grinders


Optimum compact machine for mass production


Stable grinding accuracy

  1. For the wheel spindle, which is the heart of a grinder, the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic hybrid type TOYODA STAT BEARING® is used. Featuring high rotation accuracy of the spindle owing to its structure with high rigidity and damping performance, in addition to its long life due to the absence of metallic contact and friction, this bearing has supported the high accuracy of TOYODA grinders since it was developed by us in 1965.

Fastest cycle time in its class

  1. Achieves the fastest cycle time* in its class by, for example, improving the rapid feed rate of the wheel spindle and table. (In the case of a CBN wheel, dual-center drive, and a surface speed of 80 M) *According to our research.

Smallest footprint in its class

  1. Achieves the smallest footprint in its class* with machine dimensions of 1,800 mm in width and 2,400 mm in depth. In addition, maintenance space is secured on both sides of the machine which both saves space and provides maintainability at the same time. *According to our research.

Easy Operation

  1. Iconified operation buttons can be universally understood regardless of language. The display can be easily switched between characters and icons, providing an IoE-compatible visualization system enabling constant sampling of data such as current, position and speed. Comparing the sampled data with normal values is effective for early detection of machine abnormalities.



(Straight, Distance between centers is 280)
(Angular, Distance between centers is 280)
Swing on table
mm φ200
Grinding diameter
mm φ0~φ80
Load mass between centers
kg 5
Normal wheel OD x ID
mm φ510×125
CBN wheel OD x ID
mm φ350×50 φ370×50
Wheel surface speed
m/s Normal wheel:45[60]、CBN wheel:45[60][80]
Wheelhead rapid feedrate
m/min φ40
Table rapid feed rate
m/min 30
CNC unit
Machine floor space (width × depth)
mm 1,800×2,400

[ ]Shows optional specifications.