Product information



1. Features of TOYOPUC-PCS

This TOYOPUC-PCS was developed based on our many years of experience in PLC development and proven achievements in machine-tool control to meet demand for equipment control to protect human safety as well customer needs (shorter delivery times and cost reductions).

Main features

  • The safety software circuits has been realized by the redundancy logic circuits.
  • Short E-Stop reaction time by hi-speed processing time and space saving has been realized
  • More reliable safety circuit program is available by fault detection function and shorten design lead time.
  • Down-sizing of safety control circuit is realized by FB function(Function Block)
  • Field wiring reduction by Safety-networking and safety signal communication
  • MTTR improvement by employment of control visualization technology

  TOYOPUC-PCS has EN954-1 category 4 ,IEC61508 SIL3 and ISO13849-1 performance level e certification approvals.

2. Safety-relative approved standards

No. Standards Descriptions
1 IEC 61508-1-7:2000 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related system(SIL3)
2 EN 954-1:1996
ISO 13849-1:2004
Safety-relevant parts of control systems
3 EN 61131-2 :2000 Programmable controllers, equipment requirements and tests.
4 EN 50178:1998 Electrical equipment for use in power installation.
5 EN 61000-2-5/IEC 61000-2-5 EMC compliance(EMC)
6 NFPA79:2002 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machine Standard 2002

3. General specifications

No. Item Standards Specifications
1 Power supply Rated: 24VDC 2.5A
(Rated: 24VDC 2.5A: DC 21.6-26.4V)
2 Power consumption 60W
3 Ambient temperature 0~50°C
4 Relative humidity 30~85%RH(No condensation allowed)
5 Atmosphere No corrosive gas allowed
6 Vibration resistance IEC 60069-2-6にconformity Frequency Acce. Ampl. Scans
10~57Hz >- 0.35mm 20times
57~150Hz 49m/s2 -
7 Shock resistance EN 60068-2-29 conformity (98m/s2 1000+/-10 times/axis X,Y,Z, 3 axes)
8 Electric discharge immunity IEC61000-4-2 Aerial discharge:±8KV Contact discharge:±6KV
9 Electrical
fast transient/burst immunity
IEC-61000-4-4 Signal ports +/- 1kv
DC power ports, functional grounding ports.
10 Surge immunity test IEC-61000-4-5 Between the earth +/-1kv
11 Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields IEC-61000-4-6 0.15~80MHz、10V、80%
12 Radiated, radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity IEC-61000-4-3 0~2000MHz、10V/m、80%

4. TOYOPUC-PCS component modules list

4-1 CPU, Remote I/O module

Name Type Item Specifications
1.CPU TAC-6089 1.Program method Stored program method
2.Program control method Cyclic operation method
3.Input/Output control method Image resister method
4.Scanning speed At the standalone At the networking
9.5 ms/scan 18ms/scan
5.Program capacity 12K words(Internal memory:64KB)
6.Memory device CMOS-RAM / Flash ROM
7.Battery Rechargeable (Lithium 2nd battery:5 years life)
8.External Input/Output 128 points
9.Internal Input/Output 2048 points
10.Display unit Dot-matrix LED display unit
Displays are changed by MOD and INC switches.
11.current 180mA
12.weight/mass 0.4Kg
2.S-BUS TAU-6098 1.Physical layer Optical fiber cable method
Master 2.Commun. speed 6Mbps
3.Max. commun. length 100m (inter-station) 1km (Total commun. length of between stations)
4.Max. stations 24 st.(Master Slave) 16 st.(Master Slave)
5. Max. communication All station total 1472 points (184 byte)
=(32 Input+32 Output)×23 stations
1920 points (240 byte)
=(64 Input+64 Output)x15 stations
3.RMT-S TAU-6102 I/O points/slave 32 points(4 byte)/32 points(4 byte) 64 points(8 byte)/64 points(8 byte)
Remote Slave 6.Network topology Ring
7.Network layer 1
8.Commun. format HDLC flame conformity
9.Check manner CRC-CCITT
10.Current S-BUS:155mA RMT-S: 220mA
11.Weight/mass S-BUS:0.15kg RMT-S:0.36kg

4-2. I/O Module

Name Type Isolation I/O points Voltage/ Remarks Current Weight Quantity offerrite


TAK-6090 Photo couplerr 4(+common)
5mA /point
For dry contact input 65mA 0.16kg 1


TAK-6104 Photo couplerr 12(+common)
100mA 0.32kg 3


TAK-6177 Photo couplerr 8(-common) Light curtain
65mA 0.15kg 1


TAK-6093 FET,Mix 2(+common)
Mixed output of relay and FET 55mA 0.32kg 2
2 3A/Photo


TAK-6108 FET 12(+common)
Semiconductor output 70mA 0.34kg 2

4-3.Constituent equipment

Name Type Specifications Accessories
Lithium battery TIP-5426 CPU-OP rechargeable battery(spare parts)
BASE5 TAR-6148 5 slot base Bracket 1 piec
BASE8 TAR-6149 8 slot base Bracket 1 piec
BASE12 TAR-6094 12 slot base Bracket 1 piece
(Power supply filter)
TAU-6207 Power supply filter for CPU, RMT-S
※One power supply filter is required for each CPU and RMT-S
Bracket 1 piece, Ferrite core bracket 1 piece(Integrated)
(Fan unit 2)
TAU-6208 Cooling fan for CPU, RMT-S
※CPU, RMT-S One each required
BLANK(Cover) TAU-6211 Cover for empty slot protection
(Number of empty slots required)

4-4. Peripheral programmer PCwin-Safe(Windows2000/XP/Vista/7)

Name Type Specifications
1.PCwin-Safe2(Japanese)[CD-ROM] TJA-2071 TOYOPUC-PCS/PCS-J programming software
((PCwin-Safe、PCwin-Safe-J integrated environment software)
[CD-ROM English version]
2. PCwin-Safe2(English)[CD-ROM] TJA-2073 TOYOPUC-PCS/PCS-J programming software
(PCwin-Safe、PCwin-Safe-J integrated environment software)
[CD-ROM English version]
3. PCwin-Safe2(Chinese) [CD-ROM] TJA-6314 TOYOPUC-PCS/PCS-J programming software
((PCwin-Safe, PCwin-Safe-J integrated environment software)
[CD-ROM Chinese version]
4. PCwin-Safe2(French) [CD-ROM] TJA-6287 TOYOPUC-PCS/PCS-J programming software
(PCwin-Safe, PCwin-Safe-J integrated environment software)
[CD-ROM French version]
5Centinel USB TXY-6067 ---

5.External dimensions



Standards Certification organizations registered No. Certification
ISO 13849-1:2006 Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems(PLe) IFA(Germany) Register No.:IFA0901122 Permission No.:0403002



IEC 61508-1-7:2000 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related system(SIL3) TUV Rheinland(Germany) Register No.: Nr./No.968/EZ 173.07.13 Germany
NFPA79:2002 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machine Standard 2002 TUV Rheinland of North America, inc.(USA) CU7209245101