Product information



1. Features of TOYOPUC-PCDL

  • Inherits conventional user-friendly TOYOPUC programming.
  • Flexible programming supporting 3 languages (LD, SFC, FBD)
  • Compact PLC suitable for space-saving distributed control due to adopting a communication function.
  • Flexible system extendibility due to abundant communication functions.

2. General specifications of TOYOPUC-PCDL

Item Specification
Power source AC100V-240V +10%,-15% (AC power supply base module)
DC10.2〜28.8V (DC power supply base module)
Consumption power 80VA (AC power supply base module)
25W (DC power supply base module)
Anbient temperature 0〜55°C
Relative humidity 30〜85%RH (But no condensation allowed.)
Atmosphere No corrosive gas allowed.
Frequency Acceleration Amplitude Sweep cycles
10〜57Hz —— 0.15mm 10 cycles
(1 octave/min)
57〜150Hz 9.8m/s2 ——
Shock resistance (147 m/s2 3-directions each 3 shocks)
AC1500V 1 minute (between AC external terminal and earth)
AC1000V 1 minute (between DC external terminal and earth) Excluding between 5V terminal and 0V terminal
DC500V 10MΩ or more (between AC external terminal and earth)
DC100V 10MΩ or more (between DC external terminal and earth)
  • Note) The above is the specification common to each module.

3. Control specifications of TOYOPUC-PCDL

Model PCDL
CPU function Programming method Stored program method
Program control method Cyclic operation method (with sub routine function)
Program language LD, SFC, FBD
Input/Output control method Image register method
Basic instruction processing speed Contact 0.14μs~/instruction
Application instruction processing speed 0.94μs~several 10μs/instruction
Basic instruction 13 kinds
Timer/Counter instruction 21 kinds
Application instruction More than 450 instructions
Program capacity 16KW(LD,SFC)1 program( FBD:8KW)
Memory device MRAM, Flash memory
Battery -
External I/O points 1,024 points
Internal output points 10,240 points( 2,048 points+8,192 points)
Keep relay points 4,864 points(768 points+4,096 points)
Timer function
Counter function
0.1~6553.5 sec./0.01~655.35 sec
Total 2,560 points*1
( 512 points+2,048 points)
Link relay points 10,240 points(2,048 points+8,192 points)
Rising/Downing edge
4,608 points(512 points+4,096 points)
4KW/16 bits
2KW/16 bits*2
Machine information memory 64KB
Clock function Available (no-battery).
External power AC100V/DC24V
Installation DIN rail or screws (M4) fixing
I/F RS232C(PCwin)/MODBUS-RTU(slave)
L1 FL-net
L2 CMP-LINK/MODBUS-RTU(slave) /Multi purpose communication(SIO) /PC-LIN /SN-I/F
Programmer Programmer PCwin (Ver.12 or more)
Cable PCk connection cable
D-SUB 9P⇔RJ12 conversion cable and RJ12⇔RJ12 programmer connection cable(2m) sets
  • *1 When using SFC, it becomes 512 points.
  • *2 When using SFC, it becomes 1kW.