Product information

TOYOPUC-PC10, PC3J series communication modules


In addition to the conventional FL-net and Ethernet functions, 2PORT-EFR is equipped with an FL remote function operating at the world’s fastest level of speed.
One module can be used for both upper-level communication and decentralized arrangement.


1. Outline of 2PORT-EFR

  • ■FL-net function

    ・Adoption of standard protocol for FA

    Various manufacturers’ devices can connect with a common network through the adoption of the FL-net (OPCN-2) protocol, as defined by JEMA (Japan Element Manufactures' Association). This module supports "Version 2" of FL-net.

  • ■Ethernet function

    ・Adoption of global standard protocol

    TOYOPUC connects with a computer via Ethernet. The protocol supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP.

  • ■FL remote function

    ・Collection of I/O communication and diagnostic information

    By connecting with FRMT series, remote I/O communication, which performs I/O data exchange regularly, and diagnostic information can be collected by simply setting link parameters.

Model PC10G/PC3J
Type THU-6404
FL-net Number of stations Max. 254 stations
Relay link points 2048/8192 points (8192 points are applied to PC3JG, PC10G, or later)
Register link points 2048/6144/8192 words (selected by a switch)
(6144/8192 words are applied to PC3JL, PC3JD, PC3JG, and PC10G or later)
Transmission rate 10Mbps/100Mbps
Date link method N: N communication, 1: N communication
Ethernet Port number Max. 8 ports
Computer link data capacity Max. 1K byte × 8 ports
File memory data capacity Transmission 2 Kbyte × 8 ports
Receiving 2 Kbyte × 8 ports
Transmission rate 10 Mbps/100 Mbp
Communication function (1) Computer link function
(2) File memory function
FL remote Number of stations Max. 63 stations (except Master)
I/O points Input: Max. 2048 points, Output: Max. 2048 points
I/O points per slave Input: Max. 64 points, Output: Max. 64 points
Transmission rate 10 Mbps/100 Mbp