Product information

TOYOPUC PC10 series

PC link/computer link

  • PC and computer link functions have been combined.
  • Built-in 3 or 2 communication port allows you to select the PC link function and computer link function.
Model PC10G / PC3J
Type THU-2755 THU-2927
Interface EIA RS-422
Transmission cable Shielded twisted pair wires*1
Transmission distance Max.1km[0.62mile](Total length)
Synchronization method Asynchronous, half-duplex
Linkage method 1:N
No. ofcommunication port 1 2
  • *1  Use of JTEKT recommended cable is desirable.
  • *2  2 port ……2 ports of PC/CMP function is available for one module.

High-speed PC link

  • High-speed communications and high-speed processing are realized with this PLC link.
  • Distributed control by up to 32 stations is available.
  • A data link can be constructed with a maximum of 2048 relay link points or a maximum of 1792 register link bytes.
  • Because modules are connected with twisted pair wires even for high-speed link, wiring is simple.
  • Connection of a programmer (PCwin) allows remote monitoring and programming of any station.
Model PC10G / PC3J
Type THU-2758
Transmission rate 625kps
Transmission cable Shielded twisted pair wires
Transmission distance Max. 500m[0.31mile](Total length)
No.of linked stations Max. 32(Master1,satellite31)
No.of linkage points Relay Link Max. 2048points
Register Link Max. 1792bytes
linkage method N:N
  • *Use of JTEKT recommended cable is desirable.

High-speed remote I/O

  • Enables you to distribute data to I/O devices in remote locations with greatly reduced wiring costs. Reliability and maintainability are also remarkably improved.
  • High-speed transmission and high-speed processing reduce the response delay of satellite I/O.
  • Input/output modules are randomly located freely in a satellite station.
  • Wiring is simple, with a twisted-pair cable suffi cient even for high-speed linkage.
  • Remote monitoring and programming of the master station CPU from the satellite station are available using a programmer (PCwin).
  • Terminal
Model PC10G / PC3J
Type THU-2756 THU-2757
Function Master Satellite
Transmission rate 625kbps
Transmission cable Shielded twisted pair wires*1
Transmission distance Max. 500m[0.31 mile](Total length)
No.of linked stations Max. 32(Master 1,satellite 31)
Transmission timing Synchronous to sequence scan or asychronous(selected by a switch)
No.of linkage points Max. 2048
No.of I/O points Max. 256*2
Power supply voltage
  • *1 Use of JTEKT recommended cable is desirable.
  • *2 With 8 32-point modules on an 8-slot base.

Serial I/O

Interface module which performs data exchange with devices such as ID controller, bar code reader,magnetic card reader, printer and message display module which are equipped with serial communication port (RS-232C).

  • A single module is equipped with two independent communication port channels. The ports allow simultaneous communication with two devices.
  • Addition of a leading code and an end code and setup of various check functions are available.
Serial I/O
Model PC10G / PC3J
Name SIO
Type THK-2782
Interface EIA RS-232C
No.of channels 2
Transmission rate 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps
Transmission distance 15m(4.9ft)
Transmission timing Asychronous timing
Transmission type duplex
Data type data length(7/8bits),
stop bit(1/2bits)
Communication Data 1024bytes/channel
  • *PC2J-SIO:RS-232C