Product information

TOYOPUC PC10 series

High-speed counter

The high-speed counter module performs counting and comparison of high-speed inputs pulses which cannot be counted by ordinary input module and counter instructions. It can also be used for counting and comparison of high-speed pulses from a rotary encoder and positioning control.

  • Capable to count up to max.50kpps.
  • Capable to count up to 16,777,216.
  • Incorporated 8 points of comparison output.
Model PC10G / PC3J
Type THK-2932
Counting input 1-phase addition, 1-phase substruction,
2-phase up-down counter,
2-phase addition, substruction counter
Rated input voltage 5/12-24VDC
Counting speed Max.50kpps
Counting range
6 digits BIN 0 〜FFFFFF
No.of comparison points external 6 points
internal 8 points
Comparison output Transistor output on when the value in within preset comparison range.
I/O points occupied 64 points

Pulse output

The pulse output module performs indepenent single-axis simple-position control of a servo motor or stepping motor, which is combined with a pulse-input type motor driver.

  • Operation mode
    ・ Positioning control ̶̶ Pulses are output until reaching to the command position.
    ・ External signal positioning ̶̶ At the stop command ON, pulses are decreased and then stopped. This operation can be performed by a travel completion signal or an external signal using together with positioning control.
    ・ Jogging ̶̶ Speed change at real-time is possible.
    ・ Travel of command pulse amount ̶̶ Pulse are output at the amount of command. The amount of command pulse can be changed at a real-time.
    ・ Step ̶̶ Pulses are output at a step of 1, 10, 100, 1000 pulses.
  • Others
    ・Backlash compensation
    ・Setting of current position
    ・ Teaching
Model PC10G / PC3J
Type THK-5109
No.of control axes 1
Position command range -134,217,728-134,217,727 pulse
Acceleration pattern Trapezoidal
Feed rate (1-8192)×30pps(max 245,730pps)
Output No.of points 2
Signals Forward pulse, reverse pulse
Rated load voltage 5-24VDC
Max. load current 50mA/signal
Input No.of points 7
Signals Origin, near origin, +limit, -limit,
external positioning signal,
in position, operable
Rated load voltage 24V DC(5V input possible for origin, in position)
Rated input current 10mA