Product information

TOYOPUC PC10 series

High-performance analog input AD-10

The analogue input module has automatic offset and gain software triming functions and realizes customer's characteristic input/output conversion without hardware trimers.

Analogue Input

  • 4channels/module
  • Resolution 1/4000
  • Conversion speed 2.5ms
  • Sampling or averaging selectable
  • Offset and gain adjuster without variable resistor

Analogue output

  • 2channels/module
  • Resolution 1/4095
  • Conversion speed 2.5mS
  • Voltage output or current output selectable
High-performance analog input AD-10
Model PC10G / PC3J
Description Analogue input Analogue output
Name AD-1 AD-2 AD-3 DA-1 DA-2
Type THK-7936 THK-7937 THK-7938 THK-7931 THK-7932
Input 1~5V 4~20mA 0~10V 0~5V 0~20mA 12-bit binary data/channel
Output 12-bit binary data (0-4095) 1~5V 4~20mA 0~10V
Conversion speed 2.5ms/channel 2.5ms
No.of channels 4 2
Resolution Full scale/4000 Full scale/4095
Overall accuracy ±1%FS ±1%FS
Power supply External power supply 24VDC±10%, internal power supply 5VDC External power supply 24VDC±10%, internal power supply 5VDC
Max.input Voltage input±15V, current input±30mA -
Max.output - Voltage output 10V(External load 670Ω or over),
current output 20mA(Extenal load 400Ω or less)
I/O points occupied 64 points 32 points