Upgrade information

Release Date


Function improvements:
- Compatible with Windows 11.
- Added conversion function between 7 inch (WVGA) screen data and 10/12 inch (XGA) screen data.
Screen data can now be shared between 7 inch and 10/12 inch.

*Some screen parts are not supported. Outputs a list of uncompatible parts during conversion.
*If you convert the screen data of Screen Helper 7/12, the Screen Helper 7/12 data will not be converted.
If you want to convert the screen data of Screen Helper 7/12, please recreate it with Screen Helper 7/12,
or convert the resolution after converting Screen Helper 7/12.
Corrections of the following bugs:
- Fixed an issue where the corresponding section was not displayed from the Help button when Adobe Reader was 64-
bit version.



Function improvements:
- Supported the project collation function.

Corrections of the following bugs:
- Corrected the phenomenon that help cannot be referred to in Windows 10.



Corrections of the following bugs:
-Corrected the phenomenon that the information in the frame is not displayed when the screen is switched
to the screen using the frame after displaying the decimal keyboard.
-Corrected the phenomenon that the semi-circle type analog meter display becomes a circle display.



Specification change:
-Supported the operation log function.
-Supported the Unicode data block files.
-Fixed the phenomenon of garbled characters in macro instructions that handle Unicode format.



Specification change:
-Changed to start without Windows administrator authority.



Function improvements:
- It supports to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Corrections of the following bugs:
- Fixed the phenomenon that the application force-quits when performing polygon edit.



ScreenWorks-T Ver3.13.00



1.The personal computer of Windows7 (the 32-bit version), the conversion function of ScreenWorks-T currently used by the screen helpers 7 and 12 is available now.

2.There was a problem that ScreenWorks-T cannot start due to the environment of a personal computer. The problem has been corrected.



1.Button operations from a control panel window during confirming FC circuit monitoring screen become available.



Feature Improvements:

1."Password keyboard" display was improved
  The "Password keyboard" display can now be selected from two sizes, "large" or "small".



Feature Improvements:

1. Support for Windows Vista/7
Windows 7 can be operated with "Professional 32bit".
Please be careful as it cannot be properly operated in 64 bits.

2. Addition of the error processing functions for the multi-hierarchical communication.

3. Exension of peripheral information for the alarm function.



New features
1. PC10 extension mode is enabled.
2. Enabled multi-layer communication including PC10 extension mode. *1

Corrections and changes:
1. Added Icon selection [Delete Selected Alarm] for ICON setting that is in the dialog box [Alarm/Event Summary&History].
2. In the dialog box [Alarm/Event Details], the settings of [Save to History File (S)] and [Delete when Address OFF (D)] can be selected at the same time.
3. Deleted warning message that is displayed when using RUN since version 2.00.00 in case communication layer is more than 3-layer.
4. Deleted TOYOPUC PC2J Series from the list of Communication destination.
5. When right-clicking the part in the Table to open properties window, it is not part properties but Table properties is displayed.

*1. If DM-12WD2’s connection destination PC10 extension mode exists with TOYOPUC-PCS and PC3J together, please do multi-layer setting.
If multi-layer setting isn’t done, communication error occurs at the time of monitor.
It is enabled since RUN 3.03.00.
Refer to ScreenWorks Reference Manual, section [Multi-layer setting] in [1-4.Address Setting] for details.



New features
1.Added interlock function and Auto-OFF function for ON/OFF button.
2. Added flicker enhancement function (flicker by ON/OFF color, light-up priority flicker etc.) for ON/OFF button.
3. Added convert function for different version's data.
4.Added the function that displays the project data's version information on status bar of Builder screen.

Corrections and changes:
1. Using Property Setting can select the bottom object when objects overlapping.
2. Added to input serial number (it is displayed in the version information) while installing.
3. Improved Text Attribute so that not to change the font size when selecting multi-objects and changing the font.
4. Added system standard color for Color Setting.
5. IPCONV.exe is compatible with Unicode.



New features
1.Interlock function added to ON/OFF button.
2.Automatic OFF function added to ON/OFF button.
3.Flicker function added to ON/OFF button.
4.Added advanced setting parameters to the printing function.
5.Version conversion function was added.

Corrections and changes
1.Improve property display of overlapping parts.
2.The serial number input(added to the version display)was added at the time of installation.
3.Bit designation for N(T/C current value), EN (extended current value register), H(extended setting value register) enabled.
4.Change the default of the RUN execution parameter "Window style switching" to prohibited.
5.Speed up RUN operation of grouped ON/OFF.



New features
1.Add the function of changing the size of the screen.
2.The flicker function upgrade (ON/OFF button, Bitmap object).
3.Add the screen size of 1024X768 for a new project default setting.
4.Add the function of switching system messages.

Issues resolved
1.The specified DWG file cannot be opened when editing the background picture.
2.The property control flag of Bitmap object displays not good.
3.The number of items of the date is different between Builders of English version and Japanese version.
4.The setting is not displayed after the user object is set by the user definition setting dialog.
5.It is corrected that not to display the error message when specifying a duplicate destination project which doesn't exist in Project Maintenance [Duplicate].



New features
1.Added function to maintain compatibility from data block 2.02 to 2.03.

Corrections and changes
1.Fixed a problem that specified value will be set in ON/OFF character string.
2.Fixed a bug that entered data disappears when 0 is entered for user part registration, constant period item.