Upgrade information

Release Date

Ver. 1.21

Function addition, Improvement
(1) The maximum size of setting data for the event monitor function has been expanded from 64 kbyte to 128 kbyte. 64 kbyte or larger data creation and writing/reading to/from the PLC require PCwin2 version 3.9 R01 or higher.
(2) The setting range of port No. when using the Ethernet general-purpose communication method has been expanded from 1 to 65534.
(3) Hierarchical communication response time of FL-net has been improved.
(4) Improved the write life of FR registers and added a life-time notification function.

Bug fixes
(1) A communication error at startup that occurs when the module configuration of BALLUFF IO-Link is set within the range of CH1 to CH7 in the built-in L1 EtherCAT has been addressed.