Upgrade information

ScreenWorks-T Ver3.17.00

Release Date:November,2023

Upgrade Program's


Upgrade information

Function improvements:
- Compatible with Windows 11.
- Added conversion function between 7 inch (WVGA) screen data and 10/12 inch (XGA) screen data.
Screen data can now be shared between 7 inch and 10/12 inch.
*Some screen parts are not supported. Outputs a list of uncompatible parts during conversion.
*If you convert the screen data of Screen Helper 7/12, the Screen Helper 7/12 data will not be converted.
If you want to convert the screen data of Screen Helper 7/12, please recreate it with Screen Helper 7/12,
or convert the resolution after converting Screen Helper 7/12.
Corrections of the following bugs:
- Fixed an issue where the corresponding section was not displayed from the Help button when Adobe Reader was 64-
bit version.