Upgrade information

PCwin PCwin2(JPN/ENG/CHN)V19.6R03 V2.8R01

Release Date:September,2021

Upgrade Program's


Upgrade information

[ PCwin ]
Bug corrections
・Fixed an issue where the cursor position on the tree view moved when the label number in the label command was changed.
[ PCwin2 ]
Function improvement
・Import and export of intermediate files for Unidraf are now supported.
When reading an intermediate file for Unidraf, read the CPU operation mode as Nano 10GX (fixed).
You can export intermediate files for Unidraf in compatible or Nano 10GX operating modes for open projects.
Bug corrections
・Resolved an issue where deleting a module on the Tree View moved the cursor position on the Tree View.
・Fixed an issue that caused addresses to change when importing programs.
・Fixed an issue where automatically configuring FL-net link parameters from a network diagram would result in a different network address than the default.
・Fixed an issue where importing a comment file could cause the module's comments to disappear.
・Fixed an issue that the channel number in the trigger setting in the cycle recorder setting dialog was not displayed in full digits when displaying Chinese.
・Fixed an issue that caused link parameters to be set differently from the network diagram information when the link parameters were set automatically from the network diagram.
・Resolved an issue that prevented data from being read by specifying the reduced size of symbols when the ENI file of EtherCAT is read in the network diagram.