G3 Series
Type General / Luxury

G3 Series (Type General,Luxury)

Skilled machining that is easy for anyone

Outstanding Quality

  • Optimal machine structure through composite analysis of “deformation” and “thermal displacement”
  • Reliable “STAT BEARING®” achieving “low vibration” and “ultimate rotation accuracy”

Excellent Operability

  • Inherits the popular easy-to-use operation
  • Packed with technology from the world’s No.1 steering manufacturer, a steer-by-wire handle that even a craftsman would admire

Further High Precision Type L

  • Dimensional variation reduced to half of conventional with thorough heat management
  • Unique detection system to grasp the tip position of the grindstone, achieving the desired accuracy in one shot
Madhine specifications
Distance between centers
mm 500/1,000/1,500/2,000
Swing over table
mm φ320[400]
Hight from the floor to center of the machine
mm 1,080
Grinding diameter
mm 0~φ300
Load between centers
kg 150
Wheel spindle
Roller bearings
[STAT BEARING (fluid)]
Rapid feedrate m/min φ10[15]
min. input increment mm φ0.0001
Operation panel
Control unit
Electrical equipment
Power supply voltage AC200V、Control voltage DC24V