G1 Series

Type General,Luxury

G1 Series (Type General,Luxury)

Skilled machining that is easy for anyone

Outstanding Quality

  • Optimal machine structure through composite analysis of “deformation” and “thermal displacement”
  • Reliable “STAT BEARING®” achieving “low vibration” and “ultimate rotation accuracy”

Excellent Operability

  • Inherits the popular easy-to-use operation
  • Packed with technology from

Further High Precision Type L

  • Dimensional variation reduced to half of conventional with thorough heat management
  • Unique detection system to grasp the tip position of the grindstone, achieving the desired accuracy in one shot
Madhine specifications
Distance between centers
mm 250
Swing over table
mm φ200
Hight from the floor to center of the machine
mm 1,080
Grinding diameter
mm 0~φ60
Load between centers
kg 20
Wheel spindle
Roller bearings
[STAT BEARING (fluid)]
Rapid feedrate m/min φ10[15]
min. input increment mm φ0.0001
Operation panel
Control unit
Electrical equipment
Power supply voltage AC200V、Control voltage DC24V