Product information

MCML motion system


TOYOPUC-Plusはモーションコントロール機能も実現 PlusMCML 最大16軸のモータ制御をコンパクトにTOYOPUC-Plusで実現します。

  • TOYOPUC-Up to 2 modules can be mounted on TOYOPUC-Plus

    Achieves motion control for up to 16 axes with TOYOPUC-Plus.

  • Optimal for multi-axis transfer and positioning

    Optimal for multi-axis positioning control, from small to large equipment.
    Simplified teaching makes configuration easy even when there is a high volume of positioning information

  • Achieves motion control using ladder circuits alone

    Being able to control with SFC and FBD makes design easy.

  • Easy motor monitoring

    Teaching of target position setting is also easily carried out on the operation panel screen.

1. Features of Plus-MCML

Realizes motion control only using ladder circuits. In addition to this feature,
being able to control with SFC and FBD allows you to design more easily.


No personal computers are necessary for setting up systems. Easy setup from operation panel.

Section Type Task
①Operation panel TOYOPUC-DM/FPseries Realizes visualization of PLC and motion settings.
②PLC TOYOPUC-PLus Configures sequence control of equipment.
③Motion controller TOYOPUC-Plus MCML(TCI-6819) Controller for JTEKT motion system.
④Manual pulse generator* JHC1MCA-□□ Manual operation box at hand for the positioning adjustment for each axis.
⑤Servo amplifier JSGDV-□□□□ Servo amplifier for JTEKT motion system./td>
⑥Servo motor JSGMJV type (middle moment small capacity)
JSGMAV type (low moment small capacity)
JSGMSV type(low moment medium capacity)
JSGMPS type (middle moment small capacity)
JSGMGV type (middle moment medium capacity)
Servo motor for JTEKT motion system.

JTEKT not only supplies and supports motion controllers as single unit but also as motion systems.

It is easy to monitor motors; teaching of target position setting is also easily carried out through operation panel screens.


2. Specifications of Plus-MCML

Plus MCML specifications

Type Functions Content
Plus MCML No. of control axes 1-8 axes
Control mode Positioning control
Torque control
Speed control
Encoder method Absolute type
Positioning control Positioning method PTP control (each axis independent movement)
Interpolation control Linear compensation none
Arc compensation none
No. of points 700 points/axis, max. 5600 points (700x8 axes)
Position command unit mm, deg
Command setting unit Can be set up by parameters from decimal 0 to 5 digits
Linear axis position
command range
-2147483647 ~ 2147483647
-214748364.7 ~ 214748364.7
-21474836.47 ~ 21474836.47
-2147483.647 ~ 2147483.647
-214748.3647 ~ 214748.3647
-21474.83647 ~ 21474.83647
Speed command Speed command unit mm/s, deg/s
Speed command range 0 ~ 2091752000
deceleration processing
Trapezoid acceleration/deceleration
(setting can be made per acceleration/deceleration. 2-step changeable)
Acceleration/deceleration setting range 1 ~ 65535
Setup data Positioning control Setting data (700 points/axis)
Position output position output data (16 points/axis)
Control mode Parameter (for controller and servo amplifier)
Stroke 65536 rotations
Communication Method MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ
Speed 100Mbps
Index position compensation function
Others Unlimited long rotation function(endless operation function)
/Jog feed function/Current restraint function
Supported PLC TOYOPUC-Plus CPU
Specifications Applied motor JTEKT arrangement type
    command type
  • 3-phase 200V
  • Rotation type
    for servo motor

100W JSGDV-R90A21B
200W JSGDV-1R6A21B
400W JSGDV-2R8A21B
500W JSGDV-3R8A21A
750W JSGDV-5R5A21A
1.5kW JSGDV-120A21A
2kW JSGDV-180A21A
3kW JSGDV-200A21A
5kW JSGDV-330A21A
6kW JSGDV-470A21A
7.5kW JSGDV-550A21A
11kW JSGDV-590A21A
15kW JSGDV-780A21A
  • ※MECHATROLINK is the trade mark of MECHATROLINK Members Associations.