SB2116 / SB3016 / SB4016

Contributing to Mono-Zukuri with high cost performance.

Bridge-type machining centers

SB2116 / SB3016 / SB4016

A mechanical structure making stable machining accuracy possible.
A highly reliable machine structure adopting a simple and highly rigid fixed-type cross rail.

Slanted saddle boasting rigidity and high motion performance
In order to increase rigidity, the upper linear guide has been installed on top of the cross rail of the saddle slide section (Y axis), making it of a slanting design.

A highly rigid, cast-iron bed for long-lasting, stable levelness
The bed which supports moving bodies uses FEM analysis technology, securing sufficient rigidity and improving the moving level. As a result, high speed stable axis feed has become possible.

High production capacity
Rapid feedrate, travel, table size and table load specifications are all the fastest or the largest in the class.

SB2116 SB3016 SB4016
Table dimensions mm 2,000×1,500 3,000×1,500 4,000×1,500
Max. load on table kg 8,000 10,000 12,000
X axis stroke (table movement) mm 2,120 3,060 4,060
Y-axis (spindle horizontal stroke) mm 1,600
Z axis (spindle head up-down movement) mm 800
Effective gate width mm 1,700
Feed rate
Rapid feed rate m/min 24/24/15 24/24/15 20/24/15
Spindle speed min-1 6,000 [10,000]
Spindle nose shape - BBT50
Tool holding capacity tools 32 [60, 90, 120]

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