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Machining CentersVertical spindle machining centers


  • FV1890S

Improved heavy cutting with unrestrained power


  1. Y-axis hybrid slide A dual ball-screw is used on the Y-axis feed mechanism, the area which is subjected to the highest load 4-slide Y-axis with little overhang
  1. Wide machining range Travel equivalent to the next class-up Table size equivalent to the next class-up
  1. Gear speed change spindle which is high rigidity and high torque Spindle dia.( front side bearing I.D.) Φ100mm(BT#50) Spindle motor(short-time/continuous) 26/22kw(BT#50)
  1. User-friendly with good workability for the operator A double door type with a wide opening is used at the front of the machine for ease-of-use. Doors are installed on both the left and right sides, improving the maintainability of the inside of the machine. The splash guard with ceiling was made a standard specification on all models, ensuring a comfortable & safe work environment.Spindle thru-coolant (option) is available. The pendant type operation panel (swivel-type) is adopted, improving approachability to the work position. Bar handle improves workability by making opening and closing easy and safe.



FV1890S FV2090S
Table dimensions
mm 1,950×900 2,150×900
X-axis mm 1,800 2,000
Y-axis mm 900 900
Z-axis mm 900 900
Rapid feed rate(X, Y, Z)
m/min 20/20/18
Spindle speed
min-1 15~6,000[15~10,000]
Spindle noses taper
- BT No.50
Number of holdings tool ATC
Number of 30[40]

[ ]Shows optional specifications.