FH12500SX5-i / FH12500SW5-i / FH1600SW5i

Largest workpiece size in its class

Horizontal spindle machining centers

FH12500SX5-i / FH12500SW5-i / FH1600SW5i

The performance of the machining center depends on the Spindle.
The spindle serves as a core of the machining center. JTEKT sticks to the spindle, which is important because it is located nearest the cutting point, to keep stable cutting accuracy.

Adopting a spindle cartridge replacement system with maintainability in mind
Even in the rare chance that a failure does occur, a replacement spindle cartridge that has been checked at JTEKT for operation and quality can be installed in its place, keeping restoration time down to a minimum.

A Rigid cylindrical roller slide able to withstand high speed, high acceleration travel while still maintaining rigidity is adopted
Compared to the ball guide, the cylindrical roller slide features less elastic deformation against loads and smaller displacement caused by load variation, as well as possesses superior vibration damping characteristics. This feature makes it possible to position quickly with smaller orientation changes upon sudden acceleration or stoppages, contributing to a higher level of production efficiency.
Because of JTEKT’s assembling technology which allows for strict mounting face accuracies, the rigid cylindrical roller slide offers the best rapid feed rate and acceleration in it’s class.

FH12500SX5-i FH12500SW5-i FH1600SW5i
Pallet dimensions
mm □1250 [1,250×1,600] □1250 [1,250×1,600] 1,600×1,250
Loading mass on the pallet
kg 5,000 5,000 8,000
X-axis mm 2,400 2,400 3,000
Y-axis mm 1,600[1,800 ※] 1,500 1,900
Z-axis mm 1,850 1,850 2,100
Spindle speed
min-1 6,000[15,000] 4,000 4,000
Floor space (width × depth)
mm 6,350 × 10,040 6,350 × 10,040 10,100 × 14,600
Machine height
mm 4,526 4,526 5,600(When the APC door is open)

[ ] shows optional specifications.

※ Excluding gear spindles


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