Incomparably high accuracy by JTEKT expert technique

High accuracy roll grinders


JTEKT original STAT BEARING as the wheel spindle
STAT BEARING, our world-renowned inherited technology, has been applied to and evolved for the wheelhead unit and table-feed sliding mechanism, improving the position maintainability of static-pressure slides against grinding force. We also use this technology for the workhead and footstock to develop technology that prevents all moving objects from making metal-to-metal contact.

Shorter changeover time
With the STAT BEARING technology applied on the workhead and footstock, we improved rotating precision, reduced the effects on machining precision that depends on work center hole shape, and eliminated work rests, which were previously necessary for axial machining, significantly reducing changeover time.

Automatic adjustment of roll taper
We have achieved automatic adjustment of the roll taper using the measurement devices on the wheel spindle stock and NC work holder. This eliminates the need for a skilled operator to manually adjust the work holder while measuring tapers.

Distance between centers
mm 4,000
Swing over table
mm φ560
Max. grinding diameter
mm φ500
Load mass between centers
kg 1,500
Wheel O.D.
mm φ760
Wheel width (max)
mm 75
Dead spindle [Live spindle(fluid bearing)]
Dead spindle [Live spindle(fluid bearing)]

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