GL4Pi Polygon Grinding Package

Realization of grinding for cylindrical and non-circular shapes with one grinder

CNC cylindrical grinders

GL4Pi Polygon Grinding Package

Machinable shapes in the package

C-X control method
Controls workpiece rotation (C-axis) and wheelhead feed (X-axis) at the same time to get the rotating non-circular processing part to follow the wheelhead and achieve a desired shape with the grinding.

Process integration & alignment improvement
Integrate multiple process into one unit. The one-chuck processing improves alignment for cylindrical and non-round part.

Easy-to-use input screen
The required dimensions can be entered and processed according to the figure. (You don't need to create lift data)

GL4Pi-50 GL4Pi-100 GL4Pi-150 GL4Pi-200
Distance between centers
mm Common 500 1000*1 1500*1 2000*1
Swing over table
mm Standard φ320
mm Optional φ400*1
Max. grinding diameter
mm Common 0〜φ300
Load mass between centers
kg Common 150
Wheel O.D. × I.D.
mm Standard P type:φ510×φ203.2
mm Optional -
Wheel width (max)
mm Standard 50
mm Optional -
Wheel surface speed
m/s Standard 45
m/s Optional -

* 1: We offer distance between centers: 1,000 mm / 1,500 mm / 2,000 mm and workpiece diameter: φ 400 mm as customization options. Contact us for details.


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