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GrindersCBN Crankshaft Grinder


  • GF50MS/GF50MH

Dual-wheel grinder with further improved accuracy, productivity and flexibility


Stable grinding accuracy

  1. C-X simultaneous 2-axis control grinding method
  2. Improved journal roundness
  3. Heat isolation cover
  4. Improved roundness by accurate wheel diameter management

Improvement of productivity

  1. Reduced number of machining steps by improving the accessibility between the right and left wheels.
  2. Improved rigidity of workpiece support
  3. Faster wheelhead traverse feed
  4. Wheelhead traverse static pressure slide

Supporting multi-variety production

  1. No need for setup change due to a pin phase indexing system
  2. Supporting multi-variety workpieces with no setup change
  3. A variety of grinding methods
  4. New end face truing method



GF50MS-70T GF50MH-70T
Swing on table
mm φ500
Distance between centers
mm 700
Grinding diameter
mm φ35~φ85
Max. grinding diameter
mm φ220
OD mm φ650
Max. wide mm 50
Surface speed m/s 120 120[150]
Wheel head traversing method
- V flat slide ball screw Static pressure slide ball screw
Machine floor space (width × depth)
mm 4,800×4,775(excluding the coolant tank)

[ ]Shows optional specifications.