Upgrade information

PCwin PCwin2(JPN/ENG/CHN)V20.0R03 V4.1R01

Release Date:May,2024

Upgrade Program's


Upgrade information

Functional improvement
- An automatic setting function has been added to address collection for cycle recorders.
- The cycle recorder data setting has been improved so that addresses can be specified for start trigger/event trigger instead
 of CH numbers.
Fault correction
- Fixed a phenomenon in which the final address of the transmission area was not displayed when
the communication method "Relay link N:N, Register link 1:N child station" of FL-net (32K) was used in the English display.
- The phenomenon in which the ladder of the FB internal circuit is not normally displayed has been corrected.
- When an error occurred during PLC writing, the data in the written PLC partially returned to the original state.
- The phenomenon in which circuit data is slow to open in some project data has been corrected.
- When a contact is added on the ladder, the phenomenon in which a different device code or comment is displayed
from the set address has been corrected.
- When a function was added, the comment of the operand might not be displayed on the ladder screen.
- After converting project data, the phenomenon in which the operation mode of the event monitor becomes empty was corrected.