Upgrade information

PCwin-Safe2 (JPN/ENG) V2.1R02、 (FRA/CHN) V2.0R02

Release Date:June,2021

Upgrade Program's

[PCwin-Safe2 V2.1R02]
[PCwin-Safe2 V2.0R02]

Upgrade information

Upgrade from V2.1R01 to V2.1R02.
<Bug Modification>
1. Fixed the problem that PCwin-Safe2 terminated improperly in “Convert program” of “Design Support”
2. Fixed the problem that the wrong IO module name was displayed in the TOYOPUC-Plus Safety module information
when TOYOPUC-Plus Safety was selected as the converted project file in “Convert program” of “Design support”.
3. Reviewed the error messages of TOYOPUC-Plus Safety displayed in the error monitor.

Upgrade from V1.0R01 to V1.1R01.
<Bug Modification>
1. Fixed a problem where addresses: EL 400 to BFF could not be specified as coils when SN-I/F communication was used with a slave (RS0xIP).
2. Fixed the problem that the data of O->T state at falult8 was output outputs to O->T state at fault1 when exporting the EtherNet/IP list settings.
<Function addition>
1. Adding the detail error information to error message of “Link communication error” (Err. 86).
2. Changing the following items regarding the connection setting of EtherNet/IP and CIP Safety.
- Adding the setting item “Remote IO type” in the individual setting of connection.
- Adding the setting item “Address of output area of connection setup” in the Basic setting.
- Supporting the function that it can edit the connection setting even when setting “Setup” to “Do not”.
3. Changing the following items regarding the connection setting of CIP Safety.
- Adding the setting item “Allocation of network ID” and “Path method” in the Detail setting.
4. Light curtain input can now be selected in the input method of IO parameter setting for IO-1600SE and IO-0806S.
Customers who use the light curtain box in TOYOPUC-PCS-J can migrate to TOYOPUC-Nano Safety without changing the wiring.

There is no upgrading of "PCwin-Safe", "PCwin-Safe-J" and "PCwin-Safe-Plus" included in "PCwin-Safe2".
The versions of each programming tool are as follows:
- PCwin-Safe2 : V2.1R01
- PCwin-Safe : V3.2R01
- PCwin-Safe-J : V1.6R02
- PCwin-Safe-Plus : V1.3R01
- PCwin-Safe-Nano : V1.1R01